Here at The Jack + Mare we take a lot of pride in our work and our client relationships. By the end of the project, our clients tend to look at us a bit like family and we LOVE it that way! Hugs and high-fives to be expected.... unless you aren’t the ‘huggy’ type. We respect that.
— Terah Beth and Justin
Terah Beth Baltzer Varga in Portland, OR on Houzz
Co-owners Terah Beth & Justin

Co-owners Terah Beth & Justin


The Jack + Mare is a husband and wife full-service design & build team that values the same high-quality design and craftsmanship in their projects whether large or small. The Jack + Mare work hand-in-hand with homeowners to provide intuitive and practical results, making efficient use of limited spaces to form beautiful solutions to everyday problems.

From consultation to design and construction of your space, The Jack + Mare approach each new design with a sense of adventure and the goal of creating integrated spaces that homeowners LOVE!

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{co-owner, designer, project manager, pragmatic artist}

Terah Beth received her Architecture degree in 2003 from the University of Tennessee including a semester studying Architecture abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her experience in both design and construction has enabled her to bring a knowledgeable and pragmatic approach to the overall design process. She has worked at ZGF Architects, PSE Architects, and TBBV Design (her own design firm) before partnering with her husband to launch The Jack + Mare. Terah Beth is a great problem solver and will leave you saying "Wow! I would have never thought about doing that, but it's perfect!" 

Justin on the job

Justin on the job


{co-owner, contractor, project manager, damn good guy}

Justin Varga has been remodeling homes in the Portland area since 2005 creating beautiful and unique spaces. Clients love Justin's approach to building: He's smart, creative, skilled and very in-tune with the client throughout the building process. Justin has an eye for detail and a deep appreciation for design that really 'ties the room together.' (yes, that was a Big Lebowski reference)


{our project teammates: electricians, plumbers, structural engineers, custom cabinet makers, dry-wallers, tile setters, etc}

We handpick our team partners with care. When we need extra hands to get the job done, we make sure our partners are courteous and skilled to help us fulfill your vision. 


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